The Veins in the anal canal are affected by irregular function of defecation. It is further aggravated by continuous straining or sitting for longer time while passing stool. The veins get swollen up and appear in the form of piles. The other factors which help in development of piles are Constipation, controlling nature calls, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, less intake of fiber-rich foods, too much intake of meat and fish, and spicy and heavy foods.

The Four Stages of Piles

Piles are classified into four stages.

  • First stage : painless bleeding while passing stool is the only symptoms.
  • Second stage : along with painless bleeding, pile masses also protrude out during defecation followed by spontaneous reduction.
  • Third stage : After the 2nd stage when the Pile mass enlarges further and they do not get reduced by themselves but patient has to push them inside rectum. This is characterized as 3rd stage.
  • Fourth stage : In chronic cases; the Pile masses are big enough and tend to come out of rectum while walking, coughing, sneezing etc. This is called as 4th stage


Ayurveda plays a key role in the treatment of piles and its origin dates back to thousands of years ago. The benefit of using Ayurveda for curing piles is that patients get effective treatment from potent and efficacious herbs that have no side effects.